Valkyria Chronicles 3 Translation Project

Welcome to the Valkyria Chronicles 3 Translation Project page.

Hyper Inferno



Special Thanks:

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5 Responses to Valkyria Chronicles 3 Translation Project

  1. nepgear says:

    nice, i hope you guys finish this soon. Vc so far is my fav game for ps3 and psp

  2. nepgear says:

    Thanks for translating this. VC is my fav game so far for the ps3 and psp. Btw it would be awesome if you could put a % translated and the % edited

  3. Klavd says:

    Guys, I don’t know if you are still working on this. I just wanted to leave this comment to show my full support to you and your work and ask you, even if we don’t have any right to ask, to continue working on this, so more users could enjoy such a beautiful game.
    Thanks again!

  4. Dan says:

    Thank you very much for this patch!

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