Still alive!

Probably should write more updates on the front page.

Anyhow, the character missions initial translations should all be finished by next week.

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18 Responses to Still alive!

  1. CursedKaiser says:

    wow great news guys! super great great great news! and the “STILL ALIVE” part is way more cooler!!! you guys are a very good example of MIRACLE.!! i’m so excited…..

  2. Jaxslamppost says:

    Awesome to hear!

  3. Dave19 says:

    Awesome ! Keep the great work you guys have been doing 😀

    Thank you for the hard work, I really love the Valkyria Chronicles games and the English patch makes me so happy!

  4. kite1994 says:

    Nice good to hear some news^^ thanks for the work you are doing there

    btw: will you release only the patch or will you release a patched iso?

  5. sergio says:

    awesome news

  6. keyboardcrash says:

    I thought there was no more hope for this game, because of the last update being months old but thank God and thank you guys

  7. keyboardcrash says:

    I thought there was no hope anymore since the last update was months old, thank God and than you guys for the post 😀

  8. m says:

    i really like this update 🙂

  9. Klavd says:

    Great news! thanks for all the hard work!

  10. CursedKaiser says:

    ….you guys should have a team name, and since you don’t have a team name… how about calling yourself THE NAMELESS? hehe just like in valkyria chronicles 3 right? more power guys.

  11. Seykyo says:

    Just great ! thanks for keeping us to date, and thanks again for all your hard works guys.
    This game deserve a translation, you can do it !

  12. Shriek says:

    Awesome to hear! Thanks for all the hard work you guys are putting into this project!

  13. Alfred says:

    Thanks guys!! I want to play this game so bad >.<

  14. Geoff says:

    Do you know when you’ll finish your huge work ? Thanks 😀 !

  15. cybko01 says:

    may i ask where is the sample link for the eng patch

  16. jsugeki says:

    are we there yet?
    just asking…^_^

  17. azurezeed says:

    still alive?

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