A response to a frequently asked question

A lot of you have been asking about Extra Edition. Well, there’s good news, the patch will be compatible with E2 when it’s completed. Look forward to it!

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41 Responses to A response to a frequently asked question

  1. adrian says:

    yesssss, i imported the E2 edition 3 months ago and i wil be allowed to play it in english, this is the only game that will make me install CFW in my psp

  2. ol1v1er says:

    Thank you for your work 😉

  3. solokazama says:

    Could u release partial patch? Man u know 99% translation project dies, because ppl (and translators) lose interest nad energy. I have NO idea WHY ppl wont public partials so others can enjoy work already done. Im seriously thinking about making VC3 translation by myself (max 1 month) and releasing partials also. Because I love this game (already finished once) and I know a lot of ppl would like to play it also. And before any translation (even partial!!) will be released fans will be dead because it wil be 2156 year.

    • In short, when it looks like there’s no more energy left in the patch, a patch will be released with everything that’s finished.

      There’s a lot of good reasons why partial patches shouldn’t be released, and the biggest one is a legal one. VC3 is still SEGA’s game. Releasing an unfinished, untested, and unedited patch will mean that people will get a bad impression of the game as a whole, which means we could be potentially damaging SEGA’s reputation or the VC franchise in general. And then that would lead to a C&D letter, and that wouldn’t be pleasant.

      • Ghost ic0n says:

        Excellent points. Seeing the current progress with only 2 chapters to go, I’m guessing the remaining bits i.e. editing, testing, coding the patch etc. shouldn’t be a problem. The main story pics the team posted show how fluint the patch is and how professional it reads out as a whole. Great work guys, keep it up….

      • m says:

        imho sega is damaging their own reputation by not releasing english version…

      • solokazama says:

        Thank you for honest reply. So maybe I could help with translation? I would do it (can 1-2h / day) know both english and japanese. And im one big fan of VC. If so write to me here: jpadula(at)icomp.pl

  4. ?? says:

    3 more chapters to go.
    Hang in there and do your best.

  5. cwistofu says:

    keep on going! looks good so far 🙂

  6. MatsoKai says:

    It’s like a dream come true ;D

  7. CurryRaisu says:

    Love You Guys.

  8. aCeLaunchpad says:

    Been waiting for this… I’m rooting for yah, guys!!! Keep it up.. 😀

  9. maknateukie says:

    REALLY waiting for it and IT’S VERY GOOD NEWS!
    since I’m playing E2 and it will be bother if I replay everything for eng patch of regular version 🙂
    ALL HAIL translator team!!

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