Mission Briefings complete

All 176 missions in the main game have been translated.

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63 Responses to Mission Briefings complete

  1. thank you guys… you are awesome!!

  2. sanchez releez says:


    Release date ?


  3. Leoni says:

    Please release it now! i wanna play it bad thanks!

  4. Jay-san says:

    I’m extremely grateful of your hard work. 🙂

  5. Great job, thanks a lot :)))

  6. EricR says:

    Valkyria Chronicles became my favorite game of the next gen era and with each release I’ve been loving it more and more but was upset that VC3 wasn’t coming state side. While looking up information on the game I can across this and was beyond words that this was in effect. I love you guys for this and cannot wait for the release of this. Thank you again guys.

  7. Just because your translation I gave both my broken PSP to friend for repair — making one working from two broken 🙂 Thanks alot for your work, can’t wait the patch… 🙂

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