Testing has begun

For those who are curious, testing and editing of nearly all the storyline text (main story, characters missions) inserted into the game has begun. The way the text is rendered in the game can lead to some strange text alignments, so every line will need to be checked manually. This is a slow, but steady process. Unfortunately, menus have still not been translated yet, but they’re being worked on. There’s a lot more individual character limits that we have to work around when dealing with menus. We’re getting there! It’ll just take time.

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78 Responses to Testing has begun

  1. Alex Ronke says:

    Keep it up! We believe in you!

  2. Lord of Pirates says:


  3. Oguzhan says:

    Sweet mother of god…
    You guys are just… *tears rolling down cheeks.*
    Even if you guys cancel this, im still happy, still happy that people worked this hard, for us fans.

  4. Ledah says:

    Will you guys post a how to install guide too?

    • Ghost ic0n says:

      Like every other language patch for every other game, it’s as simple as:

      1. Open language patcher.

      2. Patch .iso of game.

      3. Done.

  5. anon says:

    Thanks again for your continued work on this. You’ve given VC fans everywhere hope.

  6. Marskel says:

    HELL YEAH! Thank you, guys!

    Awwwww yisssss

    I love that bird! 😛

  7. Uriel Shepard Kadafi says:

    One of the best project ever !

    hope you guys make it for christmas ,that will be a really great present !

    Cheers from France

  8. JustAGuy says:

    Glad to hear that actually someone doing translation! Thank You from Russia)

  9. Anon says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work 😀

  10. Manigoldo says:

    Guys, please, when you finis VK3. You have to translate FF Type-0. Square doesn´t want to do it. T_T

  11. Jackson says:

    Wow, you guys seriously made my day. It’s kind of hectic here in New York, but when I saw info about your translation escapade for VC3 I nearly cried out of joy. Now, if I can only find my PSP.

    • aizeroth says:

      >i know how you feel bro. i felt the same the first time i saw this magnificent project ^_^. so lets just wait for the positive outcome.

  12. bladefly says:

    was pained to find out VC3 wouldnt be released outside of japan only to have hope restored thanks to your fan translation

    for this i thank you and wish you guys good luck with the rest of the translation progress

  13. EienNai says:


  14. originalgman says:

    YES. You guys rock so hard. Thanks for doing this for the fans!

  15. Griever_Zero says:

    Love you guys for your hardwork!!!!
    I don’t care if I need to wait a year to play this.. just that I can play this someday is sweet!!!!

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