Happy New Years!

Bit late on this. But hopefully these screenshots will make up for it.


Once again, these are all works in progress. We’re still making sure everything reads well, and actually fits inside their respective text boxes.


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139 Responses to Happy New Years!

  1. gabrinius says:

    do you have a translation of that screen where you choose weapons and tank parts, i would really be happy to understand which one in there is the “vs peer” “vs armor” stat. such as “critical def” “body def” “range” and other things when changing parts of the tank.


  2. That Dude that loves VC. says:

    Love you! Fucking amazing. If people be hating ya’ll are jerks. Peace.

  3. d3rp3nguin says:

    Love you guys to bits for doing this! Please keep the good work up as I and many others would absolutely love to play VC3 in English! You guys are doing a great service to all of us and I thank you for it.

  4. Nightbreeze says:

    *cheers for you guys*

    Keep it up, you’re doing a great thing for us fans!

  5. ThtDudeAvran says:

    Great Job guys, btw….new month, how about a new post?

  6. nihon6578865 says:

    if you were to buy the game legitimately, how do you even create the iso to download this translation patch you guys a doing?

  7. baldren says:


  8. Daniel says:

    Guys the game is getting amazing please dont stop the translate!! im waiting for the english trans so i can finaly play the last game of the series. Good luck and dont stop if u guys need help me and im sure many other plps will be glady to help. Im so happy about this trans xD

  9. dundee says:

    after this project finished, open a donation and u’ll be millionaire guys πŸ˜€

    cheers! ganbatte! semangat!

  10. jeof96jeof96 says:

    any updates guys, it’s been January since you last updated.

  11. Neo says:

    i can hardly wait to play it πŸ™‚
    please keep up the awesome work!

  12. rid says:

    Guys we need a update!!!

    • Interweb Samurai says:

      Why? They’re working for free. They should update only when they feel the urge to do so.

      • Zajebiste says:

        I think you misunderstand him, he didn’t say “they have to update” what he implied is that we want an update as in we are curious and cant wait for more news, by no means did he want to sound entitled.

      • Interweb Samurai says:

        Uh-huh, right. A kid in a toy store telling his mother that he “needs” that toy is the same thing. He doesn’t need it. He just wants it and exaggerates the reason. The difference here is that these devs aren’t his mother or yours. They owe us nothing. They’re sharing their hard work with us, not catering to our “needs”.

        That said, my issue wasn’t with the request itself, but with the way it was requested, which is why I didn’t raise a fuss at any of the other requests. Even so, I’ve seen far worse, so it’s not worth getting into a huge debate over.

  13. Strider says:

    Hi guys! take the time you need for this really big work! you did made an awesome job since the begining of this project! thank you in advance and keep faith πŸ˜‰

  14. Do you need any kind of help?

  15. DavidTheSlayer says:

    Been checking here every day now, an update on the status of your project would be great. It must be almost done now surely?

  16. Lawrence says:

    guys they gave up on it, it sucks i know

    • Interweb Samurai says:

      You kids need to stop the rumor mongering, begging, and idiocy already. Spreading lies because the team didn’t provide you with an update within the allotted time frame you gave them is pathetic.

      vc3translationproject, thanks for clearing up the false rumor.

    • KandaSorata says:

      Spreading false rumor makes motivation of fans that are waiting for it goes down. And why bother go here if you just spread rumors like that?

  17. Moarsi says:

    Did this get dropped?

  18. Dan says:

    Either it got dropped or it is so close to completion that they want to surprise us by releasing it soon.

    Most likely the former unfortunately. Many translation projects were put in an indefinite hiatus/zombie status when the project was close to being finished. It either meant that real life took priority to such extent that it was impossible to keep working on it, some team members vanished and didn’t return for whatever reasons, it was all trolling and hardly anything got done aside from translating a few screen shoots to keep people believing that serious work on it was being done, or the people working on it got burned out due to such an effort and just couldn’t continue working on it. Maybe they will drop a post explaining the lack of updates but unless a nice surprise is planned I do not see it all that much.

    With translation projects its usually not a matter of “when” but rather “if”. Being wisely skeptic while holding some small amount of hope is a given for fans of those projects. No big expectations=no big disappointments.

    • We’re not gone yet. Just saying.

      Definitely don’t want to let those who have already spent money in the dust at the very least.

      • Theladas says:

        Thank you, team! Keep up the hard work! We appreciate all the effort you’ve put into this project, and I’ll bet there’s plenty of community support available should you ever require it.

        Any updates you can provide, if only to kick out the nay-sayers, is awesome and most welcome. Good luck finishing out the project!

      • d3rp3nguin says:

        Please keep up the good, work. This sounds pretty greedy, but a lot of us out there are waiting for this translation! Don’t give up, we know you do good work!

      • certifiedfp says:

        Just look at that, an official post after a month of silence

        Everyone, hype-train ahoy!

      • solo says:

        Then why not ask for additional help if needed? I even sent email november 2011 about that. I will donate 20 euro if u release the translation. IF. 1.5 year ago I was sceptical, try realize how I feel now :<

      • Jasper says:

        thankyou vc3 ❀ you guys can do it ! ! ! !

  19. Please, Please, Please! Complete this patch! I have been dying to play Valkyria Chronicles 3! I believe in you all!

  20. Jyu says:

    No rush no pressure team XD Do your best and we will support you all the way ^^

  21. Here’s the thing about fan translations. Even if you knock it out of the park, some people will still nitpick it and complain. You should probably just release whatever you have (provided it’s at least 60% done), I’m sure most people will be pleased with it. For the ones who are not, to be frank, screw’em. It’s not like Sega is paying you for your work and time. I’m surprised people still do fan translations with the amount of whining people that goes on concerning release dates.
    I appreciate the hard work. I’ve been playing a patched Tear Ring Saga, the patch never entered beta testing, it was simply released for whoever wants to finish it. However, it is still pretty damn fun, and I will never complain since the patch was free. Fan translators do all this hard work just to please other fans who can’t read Japanese. Don’t hassle them with your petty requests folks. I’m sure they have a timetable. I waited years on the Policenauts translation, and it was worth it.

  22. solo says:

    Anyway why there is no donate button?

  23. Issy says:

    allowing money to be accepted in any form creates legal issues.

    Anyway, looking at these example screens i really can’t get why sega let such a gem slip.

    • Ghost ic0n says:

      It’s because majority of the US population is too busy playing the likes of COD rather than these concealed master pieces. 😦

      To be blunt: VC2 didn’t sell well in the US, so SEGA decided not to give us VC3 as a market move.

  24. Ghost ic0n says:

    Oh, and since I forgot to mention this before: The translations look FLAWLESSLY clean; every phrase is in place and looks like it’s officially translated. Seriously, the wait is, and will be totally worth it… check out the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (another concealed master piece) translations and you’ll see what I mean with this one.

  25. Jasper says:


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