Some notes

Hi there! I’m Hyper Inferno, one of the translators working on the project and just thought I’d give some notes about what’s going on. I’m the one who’s done most of the cutscene translations for the main game and character missions.

I just finished preliminary translations on the mid-mission cutscenes for the main game, and those were pretty difficult. The way the files are structured means that there’s no indication on who’s talking or not during the cutscene. Furthermore, ALL of the mid-mission cutscenes are lumped together in one big file. This makes for one huge file that has a lack of context for a ton of lines, which can make conversation very odd.

Right now, I’m going through the tutorial files, three in total. It’s a fair amount of work, but thankfully, there’s actually context for what each part is about.

Regarding menus, I’m pretty sure most gameplay relevant stuff is translated, but there still needs to be some touching up because some of the lines get cut off. Character profiles, newspaper articles, and encyclopedia entries are included in the menu files, but to be honest, we might just skip those for first release. The three character profiles pictures in an earlier post were edited so that the text actually appears properly. The character profiles for all of the mandatory PCs are actually translated, they just uh… don’t appear properly.

Personally, I think my writing has gotten better over time since beginning translation so hopefully this means that my later work will require less editing than the contract-like tone my early translations have.

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121 Responses to Some notes

  1. Aleksi Kozlov says:

    Hey, can we get a status update soon? I finally figured out a way to get VC2 and 3 to play in a faux-HD mode with upscaled 1080P, and I’m eager to try it out with the English translations.

    Screenshots for the interested (Warning, this is Minecraft levels of pixelation):

  2. oxas says:

    finaly someone took this game for translation..
    two thump for all you guys

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