A sort of update!

Sorry for a lack of updates, but I promise there’ll be something for you all soon-ish. It’s not F5 worthy right now, but there will be something. Don’t want to promise too much, since I don’t want to burn the bridge before I cross the stream.


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114 Responses to A sort of update!

  1. nyoron says:

    C&D from Sega. Surprise!

    • Interweb Samurai says:

      Surprised that idiots show up here all the time spreading bs rumors? Not at all.

      • It’s something related to your response to the twitter guy: I always figured the reason why they moved to the PSP was the costs of making the game though what you mentioned could also be the case.
        The system move itself was the two major nails that sunk VC2 in the west (as most fans at the time only had PS3s), the other? How the general plot and characters were a step down from the first game, such as the ever infamous Avan. The fact a game’s lacking sales sealed its superior sequel’s fate in the west is nothing new. Hopefully we’ll have a way to play this in English one way or another.

    • certifiedfp says:

      There’s been a nice cynical theory going around that Sega is going to hold off on any CnDs so this fan translation will make demands for VC3 localization finally die.

      • Space Odyssey says:

        You got that right. Sega WILL NEVER issue any CnDs. Don’t forget that it was Sega themselves who chose not to localise VC3 in the first place. Consequently, it most definitely appears as if Sega is more than happy to let the VC IP die off quietly in the West. And well, if a completely unofficial fan translation mod/patch can shut all of us up in terms of always badgering them for an official localisation, then why would they spare the effort in issuing any CnDs? If anything, the success of this fan translation mod/patch has more potential to put the nail in the coffin for VC in the West. Think about it. Why would Sega ever want to continue support for VC in the West if we western gamers are so content to gratify ourselves with such unofficial modding/reappropriation of their titles? Want an alternative? Demand VC3’s official localisation on Twitter at #jrpgvita, NOW.

      • Interweb Samurai says:

        LOL Quite a storyteller you are. VC1’s poor sales are the reason a proper PS3 sequel was never made. VC2’s poor PSP sales in the West are what killed off the VC3 port, NOT this fan translation. Get your damn facts straight.

  2. Death Saved says:

    Sony is asking people what JRPG’s they would like to see on the vita, maybe this is related to that?

    Source: https://twitter.com/shahidkamal/status/342676646769356801

  3. Space Odyssey says:

    Let’s make sure we tweet the heck out of the #jrpgvita hashtag and ensure VC3 becomes one of the most highly requested localisation projects (if not THE MOST REQUESTED). After all, although I have much respect for the fan translators, a REAL OFFICIAL localisation and release in the West has the real power to make VC3 and the VC IP in general accessible and relevant to millions of interested western/international fans and gamers, and NOT JUST those of us willing to participate in such modding. Think about it. The official and legitimate localisation and release of VC3 in the West has the real potential to make VC relevant to millions again with its legitimate accessibility on PSN, as opposed to the limited accessibility of such a fan translation mod/patch. No disrespect to the fan translators intended.

    • Interweb Samurai says:

      You have the nerve to show up here blaming the translation team for threatening to “put the nail in the coffin for VC”, but you meant “no disrespect to the fan translators”?

      Wow! You’re really good at talking out of both sides of your mouth.

      Here’s an idea: Go cry about it over at Facebook. This website is for the fan translation and those of us looking forward to it, not for spammers who feel threatened by this project’s success.

      • Aleksi Kozlov says:

        Oh, come on man, you don’t need to yell out Chiyoumen, he’s done a pretty good job trying to organize people to keep pushing for VC3 localization. It’s already hard enough that the GLF largely ignores him.

      • Space Odyssey says:

        Fair enough. Sometimes I drown in my own excrement; I didn’t want to say it myself, but it does happen – and often. On the flipside, let’s follow your example. Everybody! Let’s *not* support and campaign for any chance to have VC3 officially localised and released to the West any more! Let’s not do anything any more that would ever give Sega or any interested third party publishers/localisers the idea that we – you know – *actually want* more officially released VC content in the West! Let’s outright allow Sega to get away with killing off the VC IP in the West by purposefully proving to them that they were right to believe that none of us in the West appreciate and/or *even want* any VC whatsoever!

        Then again, this deciding upon passivity and inactivity would change nothing anyways. Eventually we will get our translation patch (the hard work of which I *do* admire, regardless of what you may think…) and Sega *will never* issue any CnDs. And whether or not we’ll ever see any more new VC content in the west ever again…well, let’s just say that there’s a phenomenal chance that we’ll both be drowning in our own excrement by then.

        Appreciate it man. But no need to defend me. If we were a *real and unified* fanbase then none of us would ever feel the need to impulsively take sides like this. Again – my respect goes out to the translation team. But. I do *want* to believe that if the translation team was ever in a position to pursue collaboration upon a real and legitimate official localisation and retail release of VC3, that they would see it within themselves to do so. You’re right, you know. Most genuine and deserving western VC fans either don’t have the resources or desire to do what is needed to reap the benefit of this translation project. If the translation team could ultimately contribute to a true worldwide and legitimate retail localisation, it would be one exception in which the many – and not just the few – would be validated.

      • Interweb Samurai says:

        Show me where I said not to campaign for an official translation. I never said that and you know it. Showing up here pointing fingers at the translators who’ve been working their tails off to bring us a *real translation* is what I have a problem with. And you can campaign all you like, but the poor sales figures for VC1/VC2/VC3 are your greatest enemy, not me or this translation team.

      • Space Odyssey says:

        I think you answered your own question right there. It’s gonna be real hard for anyone here to believe that you’re in support of our collective campaigning for an official localisation when you yourself believe that “[western/international VC fans] can campaign all [we] like” but that our campaigning will ultimately never achieve anything. Kind of doesn’t do anything for us as a team if we’re going to be so easily predisposed to such self-defeating notions, yes?

        Hey listen. I apologise to you and everyone else here who found my observations less than agreeable. And yet, it is my greatest hope that you, I, and everyone else in attendance here are going to be in this together as dedicated and united VC fans.

        You’re right, you know. The collective sales of VC1, VC2, and VC3 *are nothing impressive*, at all – and in all likelihood, any such related campaigning will most likely be fruitless. And yet that doesn’t and indeed, *will not* prevent us fans from loving it, and prevent the majority of international professional game reviewers from scoring it with critical acclaim. Otherwise our hardworking fan translators wouldn’t have found the dedication, passion, and courage to contribute their legitimate hard work to this project in an endeavour to make some kind of localisation available to us western fans.

        And yet, we have to appreciate that the *real* enemy has been, and always will be Sega. Considering just how staunchly Sega will continue to hold to not localising VC3 because of a poor sales performance, surely it is not hard for any of us to appreciate that Sega would be more than willing to *use* this fan translation project as an excuse to shut up our constant campaigning and badgering of them for an official localisation. They won’t issue any CnDs because it *is not* within their interests to do so. If we, the only infinitesimally small handful of individuals who will ever be aware of this project, can be so satisfied with our own unofficial translation patch, so much so that we will eventually stop badgering them with any more requests to officially localise VC3, then why would they?

        I’d be a hypocrite if I said I wasn’t wanting and anticipating the success of this translation project myself. Nothing IS impossible, but that in and of itself does not preclude the possibility that VC3 *will never ever be localised*. And if that’s the case, then yes, this patch may be the only way fans can potenially access the game in English, ever.

        I just wish we collectively as fans wouldn’t let Sega get away with it all so easily, considering just how much we fans and many professional reviewers the world over actually do appreciate and love the series for what it is and offers.

        I’m sure we all agree: Valkyria Chronicles 3 *deserves* an official localisation for all gamers to appreciate. And as real fans, while it costs us nothing to remain dedicated to the cause, we stand to gain everything if our efforts do pay off, one day.

      • Interweb Samurai says:

        In response to your first paragraph, I never said YOU CAN’T campaign for it. Maybe if you could understand what people are saying you could cut your responses down to 500 words or less. I support THIS project. I only post here about this VC3 translation project, not at Facebook or anywhere else. I don’t visit those other sites listing reasons to quit supporting other *potential* projects and to support this one instead, which is exactly what you did when you showed up here.

        The odds are this translation patch may be our only option. The team has been more than polite by giving fans progress updates and quite frankly, I don’t think we’ll be missing much if their patch ends up as our only means of playing.

    • Skize says:

      You act as if the fans haven’t tried campaigning before. I remember signing a petition which was sent to Sega. Yeah, nothing happened. So at this point, I’m obliged to think that this is the only way I’m going to be able to enjoy this game.

  4. carmesi says:

    hello i need to say good luck

  5. ben says:

    PLEASE AT LEAST GIVE A PARTIAL ENGLISH RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I BEG YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARDWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. tenryu says:

    when will “something” be there?

  7. Loptos says:

    YAA-HAA!!! The EF ain’t enough to cool my boili’n blood, keep up the good work while I work on keeping myself from blowing into… well insanity. AC is out of the question due to finance restriction and ditching my mother ain’t a good idea. YAA-HAA!!!

  8. ytcycciugo says:

    Looks like no one knows what the hint entails…

  9. azurezeed says:

    i see that the project is still pretty active
    waiting for updates, thanks for made this! ^^

  10. LocalNeko says:

    Don’t Be Bought….
    Don’t Be Sued…..
    Don’t give up…. (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
    Keep it up…. (ó ì_í)=óò=(ì_í ò)

  11. F.Hawke says:

    This is killing me, the anticipation…

  12. Trokoloco says:

    Can’t… wait…

  13. deadlybloom says:

    (*⌒∇⌒*) ( ゜ω゜)ゝ (´◕ฺω◕ฺ`)
    ꉂ ฅ૮( ๑’ꇴ’๑)აฅ。*゚✧ (o^∇^o)
    (。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。)ノ゙ ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

    ☆⌒(≧▽゜)b Good job!

  14. MiKi says:

    my summer will be awesome if this will be completed >.< thanks for all the hard work! i'll be cheering with all my might!

  15. Chris Cates says:

    “Run out of STEAM”?
    Confirmed for an official Sega Steam Release on PC.

  16. Jari Heiska says:

    You know, if Valve gets their hands on VC3, it will never be released. 😀

  17. Sig says:

    Keep up the great work, thank you so much for translating this. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the next update!

  18. F.Hawke says:

    been a month, the question as of yet remains unanswered… what was this hint we were given?

  19. anto says:

    I hope this translation project is continue even after the info”valkyria Chronicles 3 to be ported to the Source Engine”, so ganbatte!!!

  20. Shadolf says:

    Are there any news? I craving this game like Crack!

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