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Some more patch questions and answers

Some answers to some more frequently asked questions about the patch, some from our programmer. Q: Why does the patch use such an awkward patching method and not something like Xdelta? A: The original game is encrypted and packed with … Continue reading

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Stream today!

FinestKO will be streaming the game today. For those of you who are on the fence about going through the process, maybe the stream will help settle your mind one way or another.

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A pre-patched ISO will not be provided

Legally, it’s likely safer for us that way. Comments that provide a link to an ISO, patched or otherwise, will be deleted. This is still SEGA’s game.

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Fix for the small ISO problem

One of the common problems that most people seem to be getting is that when the patcher completes, the resulting file is much smaller than the original ISO. I believe I have found a solution to that particular problem. Try … Continue reading

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To the people having problems

Something went wrong in the patch file. I’m trying to get a fix up ASAP.

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Patch download and instructions

Patch can be downloaded here. Edit: This post was the original release post and a newer version has been uploaded. Please see the patch and download instruction page for the download link. Here are the general instructions on how to … Continue reading

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We’re just waiting on a final patcher program. All the files are ready to go.

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Digital copies ARE compatible with the patch

For those who may not know, VC3E2 is on sale on the Japanese PSN right now for 980 yen (roughly $9.50 USD). From a comment made by our main editor that may have been buried in the comments section: If … Continue reading

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Some notes on what’s going to be included

From the main editor and another translator working on the project. I think it is important to note, that our team is shooting for the FIRST release of the patch. This is kind of like an beta-version of the game. … Continue reading

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Two weeks?

We’re shooting for it!

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