Two weeks?

We’re shooting for it!

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107 Responses to Two weeks?

  1. Askance says:

    I can’t even contain myself I’m smiling too much. My co workers are going to think I’m looking at porn or something!

  2. azurezeed says:

    holy f*king sh*t 40,000

  3. yuki says:

    2 weeks?! Can you at least give us a wrapped box to shake and hold up to our ears to try and guess whats inside?!

  4. Michael says:


  5. I went and got a umd version last year, will I be able to use this patch?

  6. Ledah says:

    You guys are [million words of fully respect which will underestimate how awesome you are]!

  7. Masa says:

    2 weeks? WOOOO!!!!
    *Falls of chair*

  8. Masa says:

    hi which version of the game is needed for this as i can see two different version to buy and one is pretty expensive.

    • Valkyria55 says:

      You will need the E2 version for the patch in 2 weeks.
      (this is probably the more expensive one)
      Don’t worry though, it’s the better one by a longshot.

  9. 2 WEEKS?! *faints* It has been a long road for you guys, I give my most sincere thanks, now I can finally enjoy the best one in the series and understand it.

  10. m says:

    i love you guys soooo much !

  11. franckv says:

    Is there any way for the VC community to show you their appreciation? If our Christmas gets netter thanks to you, I’m pretty sure that we all could do a little something for our benefactors!

  12. EEK says:

    Thank you everyone for dedicating your time on working on this!

  13. q says:

    I love you guys. Even if I never lost hope of having a way to play the game, you have no idea how uneasy I was in between the “NO VC3 4 U, WEST!” and your “Relax guys, we got this”.
    Do take all the time you need, though. Not only do we not want you to rush it, we understand this is a busy time of the year. We won’t go anywhere if you guys don’t, so don’t make it a painful experience, aight? Cheers.

    PS: any IRC channel you’d care to make public?

  14. SPP says:

    Oh hell yeah!

  15. orb says:

    A project like this is a huge undertaking. Regardless of what anyone else thinks in the end and even if you can’t make whatever release date you’d like, give yourselves some credit for a lot of hard work and time spent so far.

  16. Derek says:



  18. double dipper says:

    They moved this game to psp, only to have the sales plummet due to psp pirating, yet blame lack of sales for not wanting to localize it. Pretty ironic that we now have to get cfw/pirate just to play this game. I own a psp and a copy, but it’s a pain in the butt to rip so I just pirate. Why didn’t they just stick with ps3?

  19. valkyria55 says:

    I think it is important to note, that our team is shooting for the FIRST release of the patch. This is kind of like an beta-version of the game. It will NOT include extra DLC (despite the FAQ), it will originally cover just the VC3-E2 edition as there will need to be massive editing to shrink the text to fit in the original version of VC3. The entire script may not be translated (say about 90% will be) in this first release of the patch. Currently, we do have text that is not translated, and I know of one in-game-item that is still in Japanese. What will be in English are the interface menus, and story events (main and character). I am frantically working on the mission objectives (there are over a 178 of them) so that game is fully playable in English in this upcoming patch. Editing is necessary on all story events both because of translation, story continuity and for spacing (this is pain cause our translations actually get cut off) so this is something that the team is also working hard at.

    I humbly ask that you temper your expectations (i.e 100% finished PERFECT TRANSLATION in 2 weeks), but at the same time I am sure you will all enjoy playing it in English. I don’t blame you guys “two weeks” isn’t a lot to go on, but at the same time we want to keep a low profile.

  20. byteman says:

    You guys are amazing. I’m almost 100+ hours into the game playing the Japanese (which I don’t speak or read) version, working on post-completion content after finishing the campaign. Perfectly playable in Japanese with the help of a couple guides on the web, but the story definitely suffers as do some of the nuances of the missions. Looking forward to replaying upon release of your patch! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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