Some notes on what’s going to be included

From the main editor and another translator working on the project.

I think it is important to note, that our team is shooting for the FIRST release of the patch. This is kind of like an beta-version of the game. It will NOT include extra DLC (despite the FAQ), it will originally cover just the VC3-E2 edition as there will need to be massive editing to shrink the text to fit in the original version of VC3. The entire script may not be translated (say about 90% will be) in this first release of the patch. Currently, we do have text that is not translated, and I know of one in-game-item that is still in Japanese. What will be in English are the interface menus, and story events (main and character). I am frantically working on the mission objectives (there are over a 178 of them) so that game is fully playable in English in this upcoming patch. Editing is necessary on all story events both because of translation, story continuity and for spacing (this is pain cause our translations actually get cut off) so this is something that the team is also working hard at.

I humbly ask that you temper your expectations (i.e 100% finished PERFECT TRANSLATION in 2 weeks), but at the same time I am sure you will all enjoy playing it in English. I don’t blame you guys “two weeks” isn’t a lot to go on, but at the same time we want to keep a low profile.

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79 Responses to Some notes on what’s going to be included

  1. Azel says:

    Yeahh! I look forward for playing this great game

  2. MadDave says:

    Thank you so much for your work.
    I’m still playing VC2 so it’s fine for me to wait your final translation 🙂

  3. Zhar The Mad says:

    OMG, this would be glorious on the vita. And I get to play it on Christmas. Goddamn, I’m so happy, I cried. :’)

  4. BennyZars says:

    This will be my best christmas gift and best gift for me in 2013 ^_^

  5. kasparov says:


  6. matt says:

    Thanks so, this notice *W* Ohh yeah

  7. Namiirei says:

    No problem, i will do the little dlc in jap, i don’t have too mcuh problem with that.

    Ah well…this VC3 can’t be worse than vc2 heh ?

  8. gustave154 says:

    thx guys you are doing gods work.

  9. RikkaIA says:

    Once the patch is complete 100%, how will I be able to patch the game? Will there be a download ready with the game already patched, or do I have to get the game and then patch it myself, I’m confused on how to do so :/

    • eXaphor says:

      Well, get the game (either through PSN or UMD), make a backup of it, then apply the patch. No, they won’t release a pre-patched ISO..

  10. Vitório says:

    Wow! Loved the two VC games and finally will be able to play the last one! I’m going to need some CFW, but it’s worthwhile!

  11. Rehn says:

    cooL!!! double thumbs up!~ Keep it up guys.

  12. aneska129 says:

    just curious, how to apply the patch?

  13. Michael Monty says:

    im able to patch it and i see it on my psp menu screen and it says the description in english but when i choose to play it the screen just stays black

  14. Michael Monty says:

    nevermind i figured out im having the small iso problem but its still not working even when i do what the instructions say…pretty bummed right now i spent my ENTIRE day off trying to get this to work.

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