Fix for the small ISO problem

One of the common problems that most people seem to be getting is that when the patcher completes, the resulting file is much smaller than the original ISO. I believe I have found a solution to that particular problem.

Try moving all the patch files to a lower directory and renaming your ISO something short. This might be a problem where the directories get too long for the patcher to handle. If I attempt to use the same patcher from the download, but attempt to patch with the files on the drive in a long directory, it produces the ~670MB ISO. However, it patches just fine if I create a new folder on my desktop and ends up creating a 1.64GB ISO. Remember to have the windows .NET framework and Java installed on your computer as well as at least 4 GB of open harddrive space.

The two “File Not Found” messages that display in the command prompt window are normal, ignore them. Normal procedure on my machine is that the patcher opens JPCSP, appears to do nothing for about 5 minutes, then closes JPCSP and moves on to step 2, whereupon each additional step goes by smoothly, if slowly. The final patched ISO will be named exactly the same as your original one, and the original one will have a .bak appended to the file name.

This patcher will not work with prepatched versions of the game that contain an eboot.old file or prometheus.prx file.

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321 Responses to Fix for the small ISO problem

  1. alania10 says:

    hi, i have a little problem with the patch, in step 3 i get an error saying “unable to create process” “\7zip\7z e -y”…
    how can i fix this ?

    • Volto_23 says:

      Hello, I had the same problem, I posted the solution in an earlier post, but here goes….
      First you must have installed 7zip in your computer with the compatible version of your OS (32 o 64 bits), then you go the Program Files/7-Zip folder and copy 7z.exe and 7z.dll. Then, you go to the RESOURCE folder given in the patch and replace the ones that are there, with the ones that you just copied. Do everything on your desktop, with a short name on your iso (like vc3.iso), and thats it…. apparently it’s working on CFW PRO, and if you have the voices error, it’s ’cause you didn’t used the right ISO.

      Hope that helps!

      • alania10 says:

        thank you soooo much^^
        i tried your method and it works perfectly
        for the record i use 6.60 pro b9

      • kasparov says:

        boss, what do you mean the right iso? what iso am i supposed to use? is it the unrecorded chronicles? or the extended one? I’m pissed because i’m using kurt but the voice is Riella’s.. thanks for answering

      • eXaphor says:

        Make sure you use patch on the Extra Edition(or E2), if you’re using the original one, you will get weird audio issues when playing the game..

      • Volto_23 says:

        @ kasparov
        hi, from what I’ve read in the comments, apparently some people are using the first version of the game. You must use the second version called “Senjou no Valkyria 3 Extra Edition (E2)”, this was released like a year after the first and includes all the dlc.

        But I can’t confirme it, because it didn’t happened to me…

  2. Matt says:

    Figured out my problem, it wasn’t CFW or anything else, I don’t know why this works but you hafta branch after C drive so C:/1 : inside the patch with your VC3 ISO named 1.iso then when you use the patcher it should come up with ~1.6 GB… THANK YOU GUY WHO ORIGINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!

  3. DN_Scarlet says:

    I have a 64bit system but I get an error saying I got to have 32bit java.
    I end up with the 666MB ISO after patching.

  4. Matt says:

    Ran into my first game crash. PSP froze but I was able to turn off via switch

  5. Paulo says:

    i got a problem. The patch is ocurring very fast and after that it create the file .bak with 1.5gb but its still in japanese.

  6. Cursed Kaiser says:

    i patched mine properly. i had a problem with dragging it into the patch

    0. i use WINDOWS XP so i have to replace the contents inside “7Zip” folder inside “RESOURCE” folder with files that works on 32-Bit

    1. GO to Start Menu
    2. Click RUN
    3. Type in CMD
    4. you should see this “C:\Documents and Settings\Owner>

    5. type in cd (then destination folder of the patcher with the ISO)

    —–in my case, i created a folder named “1” inside Drive C Root and place my ISO there named as “1.iso” or just “1” too depending if your computer shows the extension name of the file or not. the patch files should be with it too or the process won’t work—–

    6. so in my case again, i typed in cd C:\1

    —–it should look like this

    C:\Documents and Settings\Owner>cd C:\1

    7. then you must see only this after you enter.


    8. then type patch (don’t rename your patcher) and your path (mine was inside Drive C so my path is like this)

    C:\1>patch C:\1\1.iso

    9. then enter… you must see two “FILE NOT FOUND” and later the JPCSP running then wait.

    10. if you encounter HSTART error or 7Zip error, replace the files inside 7zip folder that works in your system

    NOTE: remember, i use Windows XP, i am not sure if this works in Windows 7, ETC

  7. osdudutz says:

    someone help me please to do the patch, I already do every tutorial in this post and other post. But it’s not worked, first I dragged the iso file to the patch and I wait until 2 hours, but Jpcsp window didn’t close by itself, so i closed it, and iso patch was just about 600mb. I am using i5 core, 8gb ram, 64-bit windows 8.1, java 32 bit 7 update 45 (already tried 64 bit and both of them too) and NET framework 4
    And second I typed in command prompt, C:\1\patch C:\1\1.iso,
    I have my screenshot
    In my pic, is this working or not? I am curious why pause button highlighted / activated.

  8. Peter says:

    Just wanted to mention that, after updating my PS Vita to 6.60 TN-V7, my patched ISO plays perfectly. Really looking forward to playing this on that gorgeous screen 🙂

  9. Hey-Pi-Ron says:

    How to fix black screen problem – disable “no DRM engine” in WCF.

  10. Merc says:

    A few things you should check if something goes wrong:
    – You need JAVA JRE 32-Bit installed, 64-Bit won’t work
    – Check if you set your JAVA_HOME system environment variable to the 32-Bit version of Java (search google how to do that)
    – close all programs and tasks you don’t need, JAVA wants to reserve 1GB chunk of Ram, even with my 8GB of ram there was quit a bit of trouble when I had lots of stuff open and running.
    – rename your ISO to something very short like vc3.iso or something like that
    – copy all file to a very short named folder like c:\temp
    – you may try to reduce the ram needed to run the JAVA program, go to RESOURCE\jpcsp-windows-x86\start-windows-x86.bat – Open this file in a text editor of your choice. Find “-Xmx1024m” and replace it with “-Xmx512m”.

    Cheers and godspeed 😉

  11. Cheska says:

    Is this not at all possible using a Mac? I have a PSP3000 with the recent CFW, and I followed the steps but am stuck on the plugin issue. I’ve created the plugin folder, made the game.txt file and added the appropriate locations but whenever I boot the game and press the “note” key, I have no ISO copied to my computer. I was really hoping to play this on my PSP versus PC.

    • Peter says:

      This patching process is Windows-specific and will not work on a Mac. I know, I’ve tried even using Crossover. Your best bet is to use Boot Camp or a Virtual Machine application to run Windows on your Mac.

      The ISO ripping process is Mac compatible, however. Once you have installed and configured the UMD Dumper plugin on your PSP, enable it, then launch the game, connect a USB cable to your PSP and your Mac, then press the Music Note button on your PSP (while still in the game). A new drive will appear on your Mac in the Finder and this will contain the ISO. Simply drag it from that drive to a location on your Mac (such as your desktop).

  12. traf says:

    I patched the game and I got about 1.7 GB file. I tried to run it with CFW 6.60 ME-1.6 and only got a black screen.

    Anyone know how to fix it? Could you please help me?

  13. Keyblade Master says:

    i’m having the “Black screen” problem. I already tried to disable the “no DRM engine” and the problem remains. The patch worked perfectly fine, so i can’t figure out the problem 😦

    My CFW is 6.60 Pro-B10, is anyone having this issue as well?

    • eXaphor says:

      NoDRM plugin should be set to Enable when running this game, if not the game will only shows black screen upon running. If you still experiencing the same problem, switch to newer releases, PRO-C2

      • Keyblade Master says:

        Updated to CFW 6.60 PRO-C2 and it’s still not working 😦 I think there was no problem with the match, the ISO size is 1690MB. Do you have any other suggestions?

  14. AncientSpark says:

    I ran into a weird problem where, after the 1st time I tried to patch, I ran into the small ISO problem. So, I grabbed the backup file, went through the changes, but then, during Part 1, suddenly, there was no “File Not Found” in the patch window and the game in the emulator open suddenly starting playing (?!). I’m not sure what causes it, maybe there’s something to do with the way the backup is created.

    • eXaphor says:

      “File Not Found” error is normal during patching, so just ignore it. But if the emulator start playing, then it will stuck on stage 1 until you closed it(which result it 660MB file).

      Move your vc3 to file, and shorten its name.

    • Craig says:

      You have to delete the patch as and start again. There appears to be a config file or something that is created during the process that makes it fail after that. Hopefully you kept the zip file. If not it is a fast download.

  15. Daniel says:

    Im in need of a bit of help
    I have tried the suggestions mentioned in the comments but when I drag the iso into the patch.cmd (im guessing that is what i am supposed to do)
    the cmd loads the iso in jpcsp and then nothing happens (tried for several hours with nothing else running)

    • eXaphor says:

      make sure you have latest java and net framework installed, you can search for variety of solution on this post

    • Craig says:

      If you don’t see the “File Not Found” errors Jpcsp will play the video and the process won’t work. Delete the patch files and try again (hopefully you kept the zip). If you see the “File Not Found” in the script you should be okay.

  16. Cheska says:

    Is there some kind of video tutorial? Even on a PC I’m unable to extract the ISO. I’m honestly unsure of where the issue is. I have the the seplugin folder, the ms0:/seplugins/umd_dump_simple.prx 1 copied into the text file and the prx file itself in the folder.

  17. Oumuraisu says:

    Patching process was a success, but the iso won’t show up in my PSP. Any suggestion on what to do? I’m running on PSP 6.60 Pro C2.

  18. Cheska says:

    Thank you so much guys! All the suggestions helped, especially the video posted earlier:

  19. Jr says:

    Been following the instruction in the previous post but the iso won’t extract after i press the ‘note’ key. I’ve done everything up to putting the prx file into seplugins and renaming it so that you get ms0:/seplugins/umd_dump_simple.prx 1 but its still not working. Any help?

  20. Karry says:

    Wait, the PATCH uses JPCSP ???
    WHY ??? What on Earth for ???
    Also, someone still use JPCSP at all these days ?

    • valkyria55 says:

      Feel free to write your own VC3 patch and PSP file decrypter/encrypter.
      And release it to the public. Our patch also is in an uncompressed format due to the tools we have available. This is why the ISO grows in size. It works, and has been very stable for over 2 years. Sorry if it is inconvenient for you.

  21. Ja-Ke says:

    I have completed the patch and now have a 1.64 GB ISO.
    my problem now is it won’t work on my psp at all, it just shows black screen.
    I’m using 6.60 PRO-C2 firmware. and have tried “noDRM engine” both in enable and disable.
    also i have tried to repatch the original ISO but still no good result.
    what could be the problem? please help

  22. Jr says:

    Someone please help. I’m still getting the 600mb file after i patch my content and not sure whats wrong. I’ve updated my windows .net framwork and java and shorted the directory folder and the Iso names but when I go to patch it the following errors occured.

    – Error Occured during initialization of UM
    – Could not reserve enough space for object heap
    – could not create the java virtual machine
    – a fatal exception has occured, program will exit
    – file not found
    – file not found

    From there on it continues to patches which takes like 2-3 minutes but i get the iso and its 600mb. I’m not sure why this is occuring as I have reserved more than enough space for the patch to work and update the programs that need be. Can anyone help me out?

  23. Whenever I try to patch the file it comes out as a .bak file instead of a .iso after the patch is finished running. I’m not sure if this has been addressed somewhere else but i’ve looked around and been unable to find a solution. If someone here has had a similar problem and could be of any help it would be much appreciated.

  24. AKiRA says:

    i’ve been having problems in the past hour, i can’t patch the game, first is that the jpcsp does not exit, it just stayed there for an hour or so, second the game keeps patching only 600~mb iso, i have JRE 32 and 64 and i have a windows 7 64bit system please advice

  25. valkyria55 says:

    Well one mistake you made is not using a legitimate copy or paying 10/15 bucks to buy it off the Psn store.

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