Fix for the small ISO problem

One of the common problems that most people seem to be getting is that when the patcher completes, the resulting file is much smaller than the original ISO. I believe I have found a solution to that particular problem.

Try moving all the patch files to a lower directory and renaming your ISO something short. This might be a problem where the directories get too long for the patcher to handle. If I attempt to use the same patcher from the download, but attempt to patch with the files on the drive in a long directory, it produces the ~670MB ISO. However, it patches just fine if I create a new folder on my desktop and ends up creating a 1.64GB ISO. Remember to have the windows .NET framework and Java installed on your computer as well as at least 4 GB of open harddrive space.

The two “File Not Found” messages that display in the command prompt window are normal, ignore them. Normal procedure on my machine is that the patcher opens JPCSP, appears to do nothing for about 5 minutes, then closes JPCSP and moves on to step 2, whereupon each additional step goes by smoothly, if slowly. The final patched ISO will be named exactly the same as your original one, and the original one will have a .bak appended to the file name.

This patcher will not work with prepatched versions of the game that contain an eboot.old file or prometheus.prx file.

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321 Responses to Fix for the small ISO problem

  1. xKirit0 says:

    i have a black screen. how do i fix it? i have the no drm plugin

  2. Xangel says:

    I can only assume that the problem that people are having is because their systems are 64 bit. I have Windows 7 64-bit but the emulator that you guys have provided is the 32-bit version and does not like 64-bit computers. For this reason the the patch is unable to patch the ISO because it was unable to run the emulator program. Can you please provide a 64-bit patch using the 64 bit version of the emulator that you are using?

    P.S. I was wondering if you changed the script for jpcsp emulator .bat or if you changed anything at all to the jpcsp files.

    • Xangel says:

      I found the solution for 64-bit solution! Well my bro did anyways. We have modified the scipt for the 64-bit version of the jscsp as well as the patch.cmd file you provided. Send me an email and reply back with a “VC3” file for you to upload.

    • DN_Scarlet says:

      Actually I have Win 7 64-bit as well, but I’ve managed to make it work. You need to download the 32-bit Java first of all, you can have both 32-bit and 64-bit Java in your system since they are supposedly used for some stuff separately. The next problem was the size of the file after patching. Fixed it by renaming the original JPN iso VC3 and the folder of the patch VC3Patch, no spaces anywhere. Then everything went ok, and haven’t had any problems playing it the past days.

    • eXaphor says:

      Nothing wrong with it, I’m using 64bit, and I don’t have problem with the patch after installing Java (both 32bit and 64bit). JPCSP 32bit can run on 64bit system, just make sure you have 32bit installed first, try JRE 7 first.

  3. edysattachments says:

    Got it working today, the advice about making the directory as short as possible did the trick (creating a folder in C:\ called 1).

    Huge thank you to the translation team, I was obviously sceptical when you first started so massively impressed that you all persevered.

  4. 64 bit system here. not problem with java but third step is going forever. why? waiting like 1 hours nothing happen. my pc good specs. i7 etc.

  5. Skar-00 says:

    I had the black screen problem with 1.64GB patched ISO when my CFW was 6.35 pro B2, so I updated it to 6.35 pro B9, and it works.

  6. mine said failed to create process pop up box after step 2 was done says..\7zip\7z and prompts me to press ok is this normal?

  7. andrew says:

    wondering if any one else has had this problem of the install game that’s next to option and extra in menu not installing game?

    • valkyria55 says:

      Our game size is bigger — unlike the original version — the patched “Install” will require about 1.35GB of space on your memory stick. I recommend not using it personally, as if a new patch comes out you will need to redo the install feature (prior to loading up a save and playing the game).

  8. Noctis117 says:

    Jpcsp does not close for me at all & patcher stays in stage 1, If I close Jpcsp patch completes but I get a 670mb ISO, What am I doing wrong & how do I fix it, Thanks.

  9. The Phantom says:

    I was having this issue, where the iso generated was 660ish MB, deleted everything unzipped the patcher again, renamed my iso vc3.iso and voila it worked, thanks very much for this!

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