To the people having problems

Something went wrong in the patch file. I’m trying to get a fix up ASAP.

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11 Responses to To the people having problems

  1. no pressure… will wait here like a loyal dog hahahaha

  2. kurt irving says:

    its all good hopefully it’ll work this time u guys really upload

  3. Iza says:

    F5 competition truly begins now. Jokes aside, please do. And thank you for the present!

  4. Peter says:

    I have been having problems (getting “start-windows-x86.bat is not recognized as an internal or external command”). Thank you for working on a fix.

  5. captain_obvious says:

    It’s possible that the iso file isn’t in ./umdimages. Since you’re grabbing the decrypted files from jpcsp, I believe? So maybe a quick fix is to copy the same iso file into the ./umdimages folder.

  6. Noblest says:

    First, thanks nameless team for all your hard work!
    Second, patching worked for me when I put everything (folder, cmd, ISO) on my desktop.

  7. got it to work but something is still wrong with the patch.1st mistake was i think the 7zip exe file was for 64bit… well just a guess though… the 2nd one is it only results in giving you a 600+ mb file afterwards… which is weird….

  8. xAtKx says:

    Waited almost two years, won’t mind waiting even longer. Take your time and thanks.

  9. StervaArt says:

    Did like this:
    1. Got my UMD ISO.
    2. Renamed it as v3e.iso
    3. Created folder C:\AAA
    4. Put in AAA: v3e.iso and patch files (patch.cmd and RESORCES folder)
    5. Dragged v3e.iso to patch.cmd and about 15 min v3e.iso (1.7Gbyte) appeared and a bak file of it.
    At first i tried all in My documents and i received a 660MB (or so) file.

    Playing on Tablet usng PPSSPP. Nice job to translaters! Some minor bugs are even at the begining, but i do not care, i can understand the game now!

  10. kees says:

    May I suggest that you offer a second patch with the 32-bit 7zip for people with 32bit operating systems. x86. After I replace the 7zip with one that works for my x84 OS the patch worked! Thanks for all your hard work.

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