A pre-patched ISO will not be provided

Legally, it’s likely safer for us that way. Comments that provide a link to an ISO, patched or otherwise, will be deleted. This is still SEGA’s game.

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32 Responses to A pre-patched ISO will not be provided

  1. jacques019 says:

    Just buy the game i think it’s still on sale on JP PSN. 980yen. Thanks guys for the hardwork you;ve put into this translation.

    • Anon says:

      I did buy the game and it caused more of a headache trying to get it onto PC and then onto my Vita than anything I could’ve ever done. After several hours I just gave up and ran a patched pirated copy on PPSSPP. For some reason wouldn’t work on a PSP/vita, but DID work on PPSSPP.

  2. eXaphor says:

    Well, I think they are bit excited, I guess ~ xD

  3. Shy says:

    Please use xDelta UI, NUPS, Lunar IPS Program for patching the game it’s much easier to use. Might solve all of the problem.

    • Our programmer is currently on break, so we won’t be able to update anything about the patching process for now. Sorry for any difficulties you might encounter.

      • Shy says:

        No need to apology, really.
        Where’s my manners, Thank you all of the effort you guys put into these translations.

    • Andrew Rodland says:

      I tried making an xdelta, but the way the patcher repacks the ISO makes the delta way too big — it’s over 450MB even with maximum window and compression settings. There’s probably a way to fix it so that the patched ISO is more similar to the original ISO, but that’s beyond my skills.

      • blasg says:

        it’s not the patcher but the fact that the file has to be decrypted for the patch to work. Encryption makes a file completly different from it’s decryption so a binary patcher will always just find the whole file different. Since VC3 apparently only has ‘1’ archive file for data and it is encypted…

  4. Lyctus says:

    It’d be nice if you guys could solve the compatibility issue with the ME CFW.

    • eXaphor says:

      ME CFW lacks NoDRM features like PRO CFW has, so its unlikely the patched game is the issue, and the TN-V has the same problem like ME CFW, but solved on the latest update.

  5. hmm says:

    Why not just use the latest PRO CFW? My patched version from the PSN store works with my old PSP 3000 and Vita. You just gotta enable the no DRM engine in both firmwares.

    Thank you so much for these translations. I appreciate the effort that you guys put into this and your patience in dealing with everyone’s issues. The MD5 is 0410713260056b7977cf22a950ab8a95 for my file, if that helps.

  6. Aleksi Kozlov says:

    BTW, any way we could get statistics on how much traffic the patch download is getting?

  7. since this is finished, what are u guys gonna do now? are u guys gonna start translating super robot wars games on ps2 and psp?

    • Shy says:

      It’s not completely done YET, the patch is still beta.

      • Mika says:

        I really appreciate that you intend to create a good-quality translation patch. Thank you for all your work, already done and coming in the future.
        After installing CFW660PRO-C2 now it also works on my PSP and looks good so far.
        Do you guys intend to launch a kind of bug report site to let the community help you?

      • Iza says:

        Something from Shining series would be better. PSP games have simmiliar gameplay, like in VC.

      • osdudutz says:

        yeah, I agree with you Iza, Shining Blade will be awesome 🙂 dub jap and sub english makes our world perfect

      • anony says:

        Another vote for Shining Blade and Shining Arks 😛

      • Private Prinny says:

        Here for something completely different:

        Blaze Union
        Gloria Union
        R-Type Tactics 2 “Operation Bitter Chocolate”

        Also fine patch, running like a charm. Many thanks for completing my VC experience.

  8. Ben says:

    do you guys have a donation paypal account or something?

    • DN_Scarlet says:

      They don’t accept donations. Btw, If you guys are thinkin of translating anything after this, something from a Shining series as mentioned above would be nice, they were all awesome games.

  9. John_Scott says:

    great stuff guys, thanks for all your hard work.

  10. animeniac says:

    I’m glad you guys are taking such a firm position on this issue. many thanks for your hard work. 😀

  11. Qwert says:

    Does anyone have any idea which set of passwords work for unlocking extra content for this version of the game? I think I’ve tried passwords for the original version and the extra version without any luck but can’t find a thing for the E2 version.

    • Qwert says:

      I’m kinda realizing that the “extra” and “E2” version are the same exact thing right? Still can’t get a single of the passwords specifically for this version to work though unless the patch somehow messed with the password entry or something… I really have zero clue.

      • eXaphor says:

        Yes, they are both same. Extra Edition = E2.

        Are you playing it on PPSSPP? If yes, on the password screen, make sure to switch to English Full Width(toggle between L/R button) first before inputting any codes.
        (The same with VC2, on PPSSPP that is.)

  12. Aleksi Kozlov says:

    And I think it’s safe to say this came right around the boiling point when the latest Vita CFW lists “Supports Valkyria Chronicles 3” as a bulletpointed feature on the top of a list.

  13. Daniel Suen says:

    IS there a way to get the dlc for this iso cause even though its not translated, selvaria would be a badass shocktrooper if I can get her from the dlc

    • valkyria55 says:

      If you buy the dlc from the PSN store it will work with our patched version.
      Something’s that are shared with the main game will be translated while dlc specifics will remain in Japanese–but it will work. I currently playtest with all of the DLC (including Nendroid and OVAs) and they all play fine. Our tech support has done an incredible job in maintaining compatibility with the original version. While this means harder editing and translations it also ensures that nothing breaks.

      Also Selvaria can use Valkyria mode after chapter 16 is completed, which makes her just that more awesome as a shock trooper.

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