Stream today!

FinestKO will be streaming the game today. For those of you who are on the fence about going through the process, maybe the stream will help settle your mind one way or another.

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38 Responses to Stream today!

  1. mb says:

    I have been playing the game for over 12 hours now, and it is VERY good. The translation is wonderful and even if I knew nothing about patching a PSP, the process was actually much easier than anticipated. Totally worthy.

  2. eXaphor says:

    Haha, I love the challenge~ permadeath!

  3. Working great in my psp PRO B-10 so now i’m copying it to my PSVITA with TN V7.1 to try there.

  4. Cursed Kaiser says:

    i’ve been playing mine too for quite a while now. the command prompt way of patching really works and the drag and drop scheme seems to be very unfriendly to me and to anybody else…

    • Booger Smoot says:

      This is the best Chrismas present I got this year!!! So awesome!

      I agree about using command prompt as administrator as being the best way on my windows 7 32 bit box.. After getting the 7zip issue out of the way using the command prompt worked flawlessly for me.

  5. now we’ll wait for the full translation that you’ll do sometime. will be waiting eagerly guys! keep up the good work!

  6. Mirai~ says:

    Wow is my net is fast enough to see it stream Q_Q!! hope he save that video ;3

  7. Qwert says:

    Has anyone had an odd bit of translation after completing some optional missions?

    I think it’s happened to me twice now first in chapter 2 and then again in chapter 3. After the mission finishes and I’m brought back to the map one of those information windows pops up like the one that announces you’ve gotten an extra accessory or whatever but all it says is “s.” and nothing else.

    • valkyria55 says:

      Please take a picture of it next time it happens. What you describe sounds like what happens when the text is too long for a particular line.(you cannot just make it two lines which makes the formatting tricky. Moreover, item names are shared with other menus too.
      It might be that the accessory name for the item you got is too long for that particular window.
      This is a beta version so while we did our best to playtest it, something could’ve changed as time went on an slipped by. Also weapon blueprints I think are still in Japanese do that might affect some English text.
      Thanks for the debugging post.

  8. Nexis says:

    Hey guys, racked up 18 hours on the game so far and loving the work you have done. Something odd worth mentioning is Kurt’s battle potentials don’t seem to stick or appear under the training grounds menu despite unlocking them countless times in battle. Not sure if this is due to the translation or game design as I only have the normal edition in japanese with a progressed save file. Also i can confirm i’ve also seen the “s” message for an item, during chapter 3 or 4, mission 2 or 3 from memory. Finally not sure if this is a game limitation or not, but I only seem to be able to store one type of ace weapon at a time. I haven’t played this for a while so may have forgotten this is the case, but is it possible some ace weapons have been given the wrong name and thus it recognises it as a duplicate? As I’ve found a few missions, particularly the ones that split in two directions to have the same ace weapon drop as another mission in the previous chapter. I’m only just about to reach chapter 6 so maybe I’m overthinking this.

    • Krom Sin says:

      So far is the same for me, but in gamefaqs (i think) i read something like you cant farm ace weapons now.

    • valkyria55 says:

      Thank you for that bug report though we need more specifics to find out the text. Also if anyone is using cheats (not implying you are) then all bets are
      off in terms of bug reports. I say this because if you cheat to unlock potentials then it the game does some weird buggy stuff. I had used a cheat for bug testing to ensure all the text for potentials and orders showers up as I expected.

      I never had an issue with Kurt battle potentials though. Note that our patch is NOT for the normal edition. As for ace weapons in vc3 ONLY ONE weapon is obtainable. That said, some aces give two drops (a blueprint or weapon).

      • Nexis says:

        Just an update, my Kurt has managed to gain a battle potential but Firing Stance doesn’t seem to stick. No usage of cheats here and I did import my original non E2 save before it the poitential stuck so not sure if that’s related. Thanks for confirming the ace weapon restriction, it’s a bit hard to differentiate possible bugs from game design so I apologise for unnecessary confusion.

        For the future since I’m aiming to play through the game, would it be helpful to note exact points in the story where there’s grammatical/syntax errors for the next revision of the patch? I’m unsure how easy/hard it is to strip this out of the game to review so if that would help I’ll be happy to note them down as I go, but it will be from Chapter 6 onwards as I haven’t been doing it from the start.

        Once again this is an awesome release, numerous thanks and praise to you guys for the effort and personal time you’ve spent on this. SEGA outdid themselves on such a great game and I can’t believe they didn’t release it as digital only so it’s compatible with the Vita.

      • valkyria55 says:

        Thanks for the update, can you make a google doc and share any errors/bugs with us for a future patch update? The English translation patch team needs a break, we really pushed ourselves to release by Xmas and for the PSN sale. Other real life responsibilities also dictate that I take an extended break for now. No more 3am nights for me, but I bet some vc3 gamers out there will be up that late. 😉

        As your save game is an imported one I am not sure if it’s the patch or the SEGA’s original buggy code. We are patching data primarily not rewriting code. If your Kurt is permanently bugged I am sorry. On the bright side, firing stance still happens, so it’s just not selectable as a 4th potential(believe me NO loss there). Thank you for being a constructive player willing to help out.

      • Nexis says:

        No problem, I can do that. Been doing character missions so I didn’t progress more into the story. Other than the mission summary still being in Japanese those have been edited extremely well. I shall setup a document and record spelling/grammar and formatting (text outside text box border) and send them through.

        The bug for Kurt’s firing stance actually is only affecting the non imported save, the imported one looks to have it. Whether it’s because it gained that in the original and not in the extra edition I’m unsure but it’s not a big deal and unlikely due to the patch.

        Definitely all take a break and relax, it’s now time for the fan-base to take over and provide you feedback and make it as simple for you as possible to refine and complete. Cheers all and Happy New Year!

  9. femmeslash says:

    I’m on Chapter 9, and I’m wondering if there is a glitch, or if I’m the only having this issue. During the Assassinate Maximilian mission, in Ghirlando Fortress, in Area 3, there are two gates, A, and B. To open gate A, I have to press button A, but there is a barrier in front of it that seems to be unbreakable. I’ve tried shooting at it, using my armoured tech, and launching grenades and lances. I can’t jump over it, and I can’t get around it. Is this just a glitch? Am I somehow making this harder than it needs to be? I have seen other similar barriers in the game which are breakable, but those generally show as blue on the mini map, and these are marked black, which further indicates that there is something fundamentally wrong about my approach.

  10. Spectral says:

    30h of game-play so-far and working flawlessly. Thank you for the translation!

    Encountered some minor bugs along the way. For example, when Shin’s mission becomes available, it notifies that “A Lady Like No Other” has been unlocked, which shouldn’t be the case (that is for Leila). Perhaps you guys should consider setting up a debugging forum of some sort

  11. Matt says:

    Anybody having trouble loading their previous saves on the VITA?

    So I’ve DLed and transferred it to my VITA along with my saved games from the over 350 hours I’ve played as well as the DLC contents. It shows up on the VITA’s PSP XMB under saved games but I can’t load it, as well as the DLC. is anybody else having trouble with this? And if you’ve figured out how to load the saves on your VITA can you let me know?

  12. EEK says:

    I’ve also seen the “s” message. It was only in the beginning chapters though

  13. Krom Sin says:

    Hey guys, yo deserve the best for what you have done supporting this game, best wishes for you.
    Played 26 hours so far, loving it, story and characters rank very high , gameplay and sound are miles better than vc1 and vc2. Still on chapter 7, but at this rate it will be in my top 3 games of this year.
    I have found some errors with this beta release: the “s.” problem mentioned above in initial chapters, but i have reached the conclusion than only indicates that you have won a weapon or object in the last mission, so not much of a problem for my part.
    As an important note, i think i have found a mistake with characters status: the order that appears revising that character defense is : rear, side, front, but after i have made some researchs, i think that the correct order is: front,side,rear.
    Minor problems; on chapter 5, mission retaking yuell, collette says something like (“gusturg, how could you” , or something in the lines of this); if you lose or retire a battle when a cameo character appears, this character will says something, but what he says doesnt appear.
    Tips of areas, effects( ex snow, heat), and when kurt explains the mission basics when a chapter starts, have the problem you explained; part of the line is missing or not in the correct place (ex in the map of the mission).

    Thats it for now. The game is 99% playable though. Great work and hoping you finish dlc/extra mission, as well as fixing the mentioned bugs. Thanks

  14. JOSH says:

    Been playing a lot of Valkyria Chronicles 3 these past days XD but I notice a bug (I think it’s a bug) I can’t play Felix’s mission.

    Whenever I’m going to start the mission (after setting up positions) and now loading, it’s loading very very long and I think from there the game already stuck/crash. Same thing also happens in one of the free missions of Chapter 5 where in the midst of the mission whenever you’re going to deploy, the game will stuck there.

    So far that’s the only bugs I found and I think I can still advance in the main story missions with no problem but I just need to confirm to anybody if they experience the same problem?

    • Krom Sin says:

      Thats weird, i have completed felix mission without any error. Also havent found any problem like the game stucking yet, and i am on chapter 8. For helping, im using CW 6.35 PRO B3.

  15. choidongkyu says:

    I know this may seem kinda random, but does anyone know how to assign leaders in the unit list? It’s a little different to VC2

  16. James says:

    Hi. Been playing the game a bit and noticed a quite significant typo (or at least I think it is).

    When Captain Dahau introduces himself, he says that Calamity Ravens is a special Gallian Squad. But wasn’t it part of the Empire?

    • valkyria55 says:

      Can you let us know the chapter and event name?
      We need a bug tracker anyone know of a free one?
      Are you sure it’s not Gusurg being introduced?
      Thanks for the feedback.

      • James says:

        It was Chapter 4, the one where you have to Escort Cardinal Borgia, in the last cutscenes in the “Calamity Raven’s Ambush” mission. And it was definitely Dahau who says it. I would include a screenshot, but not sure how through this site.

      • valkyria55 says:

        Got it, we will fix it next patch update.
        Big oops, sorry about that.

  17. Undying says:

    Im having a problem, but i dont know if its because of the patch.

    Chpater 3 free mission, the game freezes when my turn ends, anyone else having this?

  18. JingJing says:

    I would also like to know how to assign leaders,seems to be different from VC 2

  19. valkyria55 says:

    You get that feature unlocked and the menu item Assugn leader shows up in the training area and mission briefings. You might need to buy the second leadership via training post game.

  20. JingJing says:

    I see, thanks.In chap 5 now game is great have not encountered any major bugs so far.

  21. Renxce says:

    HELP!! IT ONLY PRODUCES THE .BAK FILE?? any help??? :(((

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