Some more patch questions and answers

Some answers to some more frequently asked questions about the patch, some from our programmer.

Q: Why does the patch use such an awkward patching method and not something like Xdelta?

A: The original game is encrypted and packed with a more recent version of criware tools. There is no encrypter available on the net and no newer version of criware tools either. Thus, our patched game is actually unencrypted and packed with old criware. Because of that, any kind of patch based on binary difference will be very huge (hundreds of megs).

And I’m not very skilled in coding to write my own packer/encrypter.

Q: How do you get this game running on PS Vita?

A: A newer version of CFW (TN-V7) has just been released for the PS Vita that claims to support our patch. There have been various comments saying that it does, so try upgrading to that.

Q: Why are the voices swapped (why does Kurt have Riela’s voice and other things)?

A: You patched the wrong version of the game. This patch only works with Valkyria Chronicles 3: Extra Edition, AKA VC3:E2. I guess the original version works somewhat with the patch, but some things do get messed up.

Q: Why is it not running/why am I getting a black screen on “insert CFW here.”

A: We don’t know. We don’t have the time to test and release a patch that’s compatible with every CFW, so please use a different one. For reference, our programmer is using a phat PSP (PSP-1000) with 5.50 prome-2 CFW.

Q: Where is the patched ISO?

A: The .bak file that generates is NOT the patched ISO. It is your original ISO with a new .bak extension for backup purposes. The patched ISO has an identical name to your original and should be in the same place where you originally had your copy. So for example, if you drag and drop a file named VC3E2.iso into the file, after the patching process, you should have two isos: VC3E2.iso and VC3E2.iso.bak. VC3E2.iso in this case will be the PATCHED version, and VC3E2.iso.bak will be your original as a backup.

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183 Responses to Some more patch questions and answers

  1. skullatornz says:

    It took me 71 hours to finish the main story, what a mammoth game for the PSP! Best game on the system in my opinion. Thanks so much for the patch guys! Looking forward to the final version too.

  2. Tamba says:

    You guys actually pulled this off. Seriously, you guys are amazing! This is certainly one of the best gifts i had on this passed Christmas. Happy new year to your team and congratulation on a job well done

  3. Ephew says:

    I could use some assistance – please forgive my ignorance!

    I purchased the game last week, but it’s not due to arrive until 2/10. After reading comments from people playing and watching the stream a bit, I decided it was worth picking up a Vita. My understanding is that i need the game installed on the vita before I can use CFW (TN-V7).

    Can anyone direct in my eforts to get a copy of the game DLed? How do I connect to the Japanese PSN? Will I be able to use an american credit card to make the purchase?

    Thanks a ton in advance! And special HUGE thanks to the localization team – I’m very grateful!

  4. Qwert says:

    Not sure if this is a bug with the game or the patch.

    On the extra mission “Control the Port” there is an Ace listed, Noda the Wild. Problem is that after clearing the entire map up until the last objective, using area recon on every map and then double checking by running a character through ever nook and cranny there is no sight of the Ace.

    Any chance the Ace information in the objectives was misplaced there from somewhere else or something? Aside from the game possibly bugging out and not placing the Ace I have no clue what is going on.

  5. wolfie says:

    Congrats for making it in the wrong places. 😦

    Who was the bright one that leaked this to vg247?!!! I can expect a cease and desist order soon, now. And also more reports to raise the awareness of this patch, making it simple for Sega to shut this down.

  6. Qwert says:

    Would anyone know what the conditions are for unlocking the “Secret of Her Powers” DLC mission?

    I’d heard it was finishing Chapter 12 and after I moved on to Chapter 13 I did get a message about new DLC being added but there’s nothing new on any of the maps.

  7. Tomo says:

    any recommended conversion programs? I brought the digital version from JPN PSN store, but the file is too big to covert to iso image on free programs?

  8. Ephew says:

    I’m struggling through the process, being unfamiliar to hacking but a die-hard VC fan. Anyone patient enough to take a moment to assist would be greatly appreciated. I picked up a Vita (just for VC3), and set up a Japanese PSN account. My immediate questions:

    How do I find the game on the Japanese PSN? (I’m not at all fluent)
    At what point do I need to apply the CFW (TN-V7)? After the game’s installed?

    I’m sure I’ll have more questions – sorry for the noob spam.

    • Ephew says:

      Quick update: I’ve managed to purchase and install the Japanese version. Looks amazing on the Vita!

      If anyone has a moment, can you point me to a walkthrough for applying the emulator [CFW (TN-V7)] so I can install the loc patch?

      (I’m giddy that I’ll finally be able to play – been looking forward to it ever since you guys announced the project! Thanks again for your hard work!)

    • Yuri godess godoka says:

      For the CEF(TN-V7) you need to have a select game witch triggers the exploit through the psp emulator(I have UNO on one of my vitas. UNO ONLY works on frimwares 2.02 an below.). you can find more info on tn-v7 at ( I suggest you read up on the CEF before downloading one of the games that trigger one of the exploits.

      For the game you downloaded you would need the eboot.pbp of VC3e2(idk if you can get it off the vita) then you need to download (NP Decryptor for PC ) use it to extract the iso from the eboot.pbp, then you use the iso you just got for the patch.

      • Yuri godess godoka says:

        If you downloaded it straight to the vita you can’t patch it because the vita is NOT hacked. Vita CEF(custom emulated frimware) is a frimware that is emulated through the psp emulator on the vita, via an exploit game. Visit this page if you still need help ( Please read up on CEF before buying one of the exploit games. The exploit games for Psvita frimware 3.01(The newest frimware) have been removed form the PSN and will probably not be back on PSN untill sony patches it with a new Psvita frimware update.

        Also to get the EBOOT.pbp for VC3e2 you will need a psp or to download it via media go to your pc. If you try backing it up from the vita you only get “game.psvimg” you can’t do anything with this file because there is no tools to decrypt it.

  9. FonFon says:

    Uhmmm what?

    It gave me this when my Sniper became Sniper Veteran

    • I would guess you just unlocked one of the Character Fragments (Sidequests) – guessing whoever your Sniper is. The text formatting on some of those notifications are off.

      In case you haven’t done them yet, go to the Gallian Map and use L and R to cycle through the main story, fragments and DLC.

    • I got that as well, but I didn’t have any promotions happen in the mission. Perhaps it’s an item?

    • hmm says:

      That means a map was added tor your ‘Fragments’. Everything was cut off except the ‘ts’. If you go back all the way to the Map of Gallia, hit the left or right trigger, you will find your DLCs and Fragments.

    • valkyria55 says:

      This is probably when Serge unlocked his personal mission in Fragments.
      The name of the mission is so long that it cuts off the name and the game code shows the end if the word “Fragments.” For next patch, the Fragments key word will be cut as the text is just too long for a single line otherwise. Hopefully that should fix the text overflow for most (if not all) of the unlockable missions. Only playtesting and time will tell.

    • rak1445 says:

      Happened to me as well, but not with snipers (I have no idea what triggered it actually). I don’t think it needs any special attention, just a minor bug in the patch.

  10. thechronomaster says:

    Because I am kind of derp, I haven’t taken specific notes, but there’s lots of areas in the script where wording gets doubled up with alternate, similar words — “bring get” for instance. From what I’ve seen it’s mainly in the mission briefings, which I am assuming you’ll be giving a second pass either way to fix the overflowing text issues.

    Outside that, general feedback — for unvoiced chapters, it’s pretty difficult to tell who is talking sometimes. It’s probably less of an issue in the Japanese, with first person references and tonal differences. I’m not sure what could be done about that, unless it’d be possible to edit the text box image to have a tail, or something. Outside that, the biggest issues I have noticed are with the translations being too literal or stiff in places, which is again, hard to describe — things like Riela referring to Kurt as if he wasn’t there is how one phrasing reads in English (something like “I didn’t want to worry Kurt, so…”). I notice this more in the character mission dialogue than the main story dialogue for some reason, not sure if I’m just imagining that. Personal preference for me would be to rewrite those lines to something that makes better English sense, though I’d never presume to suggest that the work you’ve done is bad. Far from it, in fact, this has been one of my most anticipated translations in years, and you should be proud of it, because it’s quite good, and I would never be able to even approach something of this scale. That’s about all I can say.

    • thechronomaster says:

      Oh, and I’m sure you know this, but Machine Gun turrets seem to be referred to as “Mortar Cannons” in the tank Equipment page.

    • valkyria55 says:

      I understand how it can be difficult picking up who sad what.
      When editing the story based missions, it was confusing until you notice the text box centers around the person speaking. Sometimes the window pops up in between two characters so in that case you have to base it on context. Using the elipses could make it difficult as it could be continuing from a pause from the first speaker or an interrupti

      • valkyria55 says:

        …ion (interruption). Sorry about that.

        As for bring/get can you let us know exactly which text seems off or redundant? Just take a snapshot and link us te image. The mission objectives have a very tight text limit, and I have no intention of rewriting them unless there is a textual error. I missed the mortar cannons issue, can you send a snapshot?

  11. Jonas says:

    It is giving me a “start-windows-x86.bat is not recognized as an internal or external command”. Can anyone help?

  12. When next version of patch? With fixed text and bugs in translations?? Are you making translations for graphics too??

    • valkyria55 says:

      No ETA, though I would like to get an updated version out soon.
      Localizing in game graphics is not trivial and requires more manpower.
      It could also make the game prone to crash if the data is not what the game code expects. So those tutorial missions will still have Japanese for the foreseeable future.

  13. R says:

    Loving the game so far. You guys are doing a great job.

    I have a couple of questions. Why are some of the character mission icons yellow instead of green after completing them? Also, I’ve been taking screenshots of whatever obvious error I see. Is this any help?

  14. Billy says:

    Thank you, u guys are the best, i’ve been waiting for this.
    by the way, did the patch still work when we install data in-game?
    because there are some games when we install data in-game, the patch is gone.
    Thank you once again, i bought the game when the patch is released.
    Sry for my bad english

    • valkyria55 says:

      I am not sure why you would use the install feature as it is already on the memory stick. Maybe it saves time decompressing data? I for one never bothered as it we had many changes while making the patch. So that feature is untested — probably works but if you get am updated patch you would have to reinstall.

  15. Birau says:

    Thank you very much for your wonderful work so far! If someone were to give a quarter for every time I giggle like a schoolgirl playing this game, pretty sure I’d be a millionaire by now. Being able to finally play it in English is a dream come true.

    P.S:Not to be overly greedy, but may I ask if there’s an ETA on the release of the final patch?

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  17. webkid94 says:

    I noticed lots of translation errors, notably one with Cosette in chapter 5 she says something about defeating Imperials but the text says something like “Gusurg, why…?” (city mission) and chapter 19 Kurt says “Gusurg we won” (final battle) but the text says Imca. There’s much more and they’re somewhat distracting, but I do thank you all for bringing this out anyways.

    • By any chance, in the chapter 19 case, did Kurt say “Imca’s still fighting! We need to persevere too!” ?

      This might be an off by one error if he did.

    • valkyria55 says:

      I recently checked through the file and the text seems to match with what was written in Japanese. I am not sure if we patched the text incorrectly though. Can you play the original Japanese version and check if the same text like “Gusurg we won.” shows up even though the voice says, “Imca we won.” It’s possible there are some text mismatches in the original game. As we are patching it, we may as well try to fix whatever we can (time permitted).

      • Not sure if this will help, but there are some voice/text mismatches – I’m not particularily fluent in Japanese and didn’t assume a literal translation, but some of them can get pretty off. Zahar, for example, mentions Imperials with his voice when winning his mission, but has a generic sounding of course I won quote. Incidentally, Imca’s Fragment (Positive and Negative, has her say “He only used four people and won! It’s inconcieviable!” Which should match up with the… third (I think) mission of the game. (By the way: inconc[ei]vable)

        I can try a really bad translation of what characters say at the end of chapters, although I’m not sure how much that would help.

        I’ll try to get exact screenshots transferred off soon with anything else I found. Might redo some missions since the in-game screenshots don’t work during anime cutscenes and when an enemy general uses an order.

        Once again, thanks for all your help. You guys definitely deserve a break or something.

      • valkyria55 says:

        This sounds like the patch text is being mismatched. Our tech support is on break donor will be a while before we can test that. Thanks for the feedback.

      • TCM says:

        Yeah, I can definitely confirm something is very wrong with Victory quotes — almost any specific story relevant victory quote is swapped for another, at least to my untrained ear — it’s most clear when the tone written down mismatches, or when proper nouns are mentioned in one but not the other (“Imperials”, “Gallia”, “Nameless”, “Darcsen”, character names, etc.)

      • TCM says:

        The continuing saga of Victory quotes, now with extra SPOILERS.

        In chapter 10’s final 2 missions, Kurt uses the same victory quote twice, both times referencing Gusurg. Presumably, this is the earlier line mistakenly attributed to Cosette. The line written for Kurt both times references Riela giving them a victory, which I presume is meant to be used in a later story mission. I have to conclude there is an error with either how the original game, or the patch (and the latter is more likely) calls up victory quotes — the wrong quote is called for the wrong line of dialogue. It’s probably worth checking this against the original Japanese text — not just a script dump, the original game itself.

      • TCM says:

        Found the chapter (11, final story battle) where the “Riela gave us this victory!” quote is supposed to be (confirmed auditory, it matches up). Instead, Kurt talks about how it was a successful ambush, and there would have been problems had there been more enemies, which seems like a chapter 9 story battle 2 quote…Something is definitely screwy.

  18. AzureXignus says:


    After attempting a patch using CMD in FULL PATH and RELATIVE PATH, dragging the iso to the patch.cmd, I am still getting a 635mb file. I got a “Error Occured During Initialization of VM. Could not reserve enough heap space.”

    I am on High End specs and I have both JRE 32 bit and 64 bit

    Help please!

  19. Lapan says:

    Something more game than patch related:

    How do you switch between weapon-types?
    For example grenade-rifle on scout, horn on engineer, flamethrower on shocktroopers. They don’t show up in the Equip infantry menu.

    • Valkyria55 says:

      For grenade rifles you need to be an elite scout and to equip a rifle grenade gun.
      Then just switch weapons as normal to access it during combat.
      The anthem instruments also unlock only to an elite engineer class and same thing goes for accessing the instuments via switching weapons. Finally, like rifle grenades flamethrowers are linked to specific weapons that are usable only by elite shocktroopers. This pattern of requiring elites/veterans applies to 3 shot sniper rifles, tank mauler fencer weapons and mortar lances.

      I believe switching weapons is done with the SQUARE button when a character is in TARGET MODE.

    • Lapan says:

      Thanks, i just didn’t know i needed elite troops since i usually switch classes when they hit elite to unlock more potentials

  20. AjS says:

    Hi! Need some help here im using a psp 3000 slim with cfw 6.35 pro b9 all i get is black screen after running the game. does anyone know other cfw that works. 5.50 prome-2 cfw is not compatible with psp 3000 slim

    • AjS says:

      Got a solution just upgrade to 6.35 pro c2 and it should work fine got mine working

      thanks to everyone that take part in the translation project

  21. elbirotazo says:

    Hi, i have a problem with the patchin proces, when i drag and drop the game in the pantch it creates a file with the “.bak”, so far so good, but the problem is that is not a new file is the same file i draged, when i reed the previous entries i understood that it should create a second file… i’m doing something wrong??


    • zef says:

      I’m having the same problem. I don’t know what else to do. Also where do I put the file when done on the psp?

      • Charly says:

        In a folder with the name “iso” inside of your memory stick. But i’m still with the problem with the patch

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