Some more patch questions and answers

Some answers to some more frequently asked questions about the patch, some from our programmer.

Q: Why does the patch use such an awkward patching method and not something like Xdelta?

A: The original game is encrypted and packed with a more recent version of criware tools. There is no encrypter available on the net and no newer version of criware tools either. Thus, our patched game is actually unencrypted and packed with old criware. Because of that, any kind of patch based on binary difference will be very huge (hundreds of megs).

And I’m not very skilled in coding to write my own packer/encrypter.

Q: How do you get this game running on PS Vita?

A: A newer version of CFW (TN-V7) has just been released for the PS Vita that claims to support our patch. There have been various comments saying that it does, so try upgrading to that.

Q: Why are the voices swapped (why does Kurt have Riela’s voice and other things)?

A: You patched the wrong version of the game. This patch only works with Valkyria Chronicles 3: Extra Edition, AKA VC3:E2. I guess the original version works somewhat with the patch, but some things do get messed up.

Q: Why is it not running/why am I getting a black screen on “insert CFW here.”

A: We don’t know. We don’t have the time to test and release a patch that’s compatible with every CFW, so please use a different one. For reference, our programmer is using a phat PSP (PSP-1000) with 5.50 prome-2 CFW.

Q: Where is the patched ISO?

A: The .bak file that generates is NOT the patched ISO. It is your original ISO with a new .bak extension for backup purposes. The patched ISO has an identical name to your original and should be in the same place where you originally had your copy. So for example, if you drag and drop a file named VC3E2.iso into the file, after the patching process, you should have two isos: VC3E2.iso and VC3E2.iso.bak. VC3E2.iso in this case will be the PATCHED version, and VC3E2.iso.bak will be your original as a backup.

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