Current Progress


Plot (cutscenes): 55/62, 6 exclusive to E2
Menus: Probably finished
Mission Briefings: 153/160, 7 exclusive to E2

Plot: 11/62
Menus: 0/15
Mission Briefing: ~70/160

For the discrepancy between the two versions of progress, it’s mostly because the old versions were wrong in some way, or missing some things. For example, the missions/side missions translation tab didn’t include the post-game missions, or a couple side missions that aren’t numbered the same way as the regular side missions.

What’s remaining in the Plot section is mostly all the mid-mission cutscenes where characters pop up to report on things or even just as a tutorial. All the main game missions and character side missions are translated.

We’re focusing on getting all the gameplay relevant things in Menus done, and thankfully all the gameplay relevant stuff is nearly all translated. However, the encyclopedia, newspaper, and character profiles are located in the same files, and they’re quite difficult. For those familiar with how the Japanese language works, imagine trying to translate maxed out Twitter 140 character messages from Japanese and retaining that same 140 character limit in English. And then retaining line breaks.

Editing remains the same deal as before. Getting everything in English comes first, then making sure everything actually shows up properly is second.

Yeah, everything here needs to be updated after our initial release, but I’m going to do that later. As a general list of things that haven’t been done that need to be done:

Mission Objectives: Most character missions and postgame missions
General cleanup: Tutorial, camp, and other text boxes that have spillover/misalignment (Container for destroy objective missions)
Editing: Some errors got through the translation process that need to be addressed
DLC: All the DLC


641 Responses to Current Progress

  1. jeremy says:

    thank for all your hard i am valkyria fan even seen i played the playstiaion 2 and see the anime the best

  2. Roebot56 says:

    I have already beaten the entire thing once (then my PSP bricked and for some reason items gotten from DLC missions got deleted yet I still had the unique DLC only characters (such as Selvaria) so I’m slowly going through them again). With this patch, I am going to go through the entire thing again (and a 3rd time when the patch is completed) just so I can experiance the story and the early guns that can’t hit a thing (they make it harder, which is good when i’m used to doing max level runs with a tank that resist anything hitting it’s front).

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