Two weeks?

We’re shooting for it!

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For those interested in how the translation process goes

This is an article that ran on Kotaku last week that shows the translation process for Rune Factory 4 from XSEED. A lot of the same problems that their translators ran into we have to deal with as well, such as lack of context, character limits, and variables.

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Not dead

Just letting people know we’re not dead. Still working out kinks in the translation and other things. Progress has slowed down a bit because a lot of us have suddenly got very busy in our lives quite recently, but we’re still all here and haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.

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The update

Well, the plan (a month ago…) was to show some streams of what we’ve done with game, but on further thinking about it, that would probably be a bad idea given SEGA’s recent-ish activities in taking down some Shining related materials on Youtube.

But we’re still here, still working, and getting closer to a stable release. All files that are not exclusive to E2 or DLC are now translated, albeit with alignment issues, typos, and grammar issues just waiting to all be sorted out.

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A sort of update!

Sorry for a lack of updates, but I promise there’ll be something for you all soon-ish. It’s not F5 worthy right now, but there will be something. Don’t want to promise too much, since I don’t want to burn the bridge before I cross the stream.


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Some notes

Hi there! I’m Hyper Inferno, one of the translators working on the project and just thought I’d give some notes about what’s going on. I’m the one who’s done most of the cutscene translations for the main game and character missions.

I just finished preliminary translations on the mid-mission cutscenes for the main game, and those were pretty difficult. The way the files are structured means that there’s no indication on who’s talking or not during the cutscene. Furthermore, ALL of the mid-mission cutscenes are lumped together in one big file. This makes for one huge file that has a lack of context for a ton of lines, which can make conversation very odd.

Right now, I’m going through the tutorial files, three in total. It’s a fair amount of work, but thankfully, there’s actually context for what each part is about.

Regarding menus, I’m pretty sure most gameplay relevant stuff is translated, but there still needs to be some touching up because some of the lines get cut off. Character profiles, newspaper articles, and encyclopedia entries are included in the menu files, but to be honest, we might just skip those for first release. The three character profiles pictures in an earlier post were edited so that the text actually appears properly. The character profiles for all of the mandatory PCs are actually translated, they just uh… don’t appear properly.

Personally, I think my writing has gotten better over time since beginning translation so hopefully this means that my later work will require less editing than the contract-like tone my early translations have.

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Happy New Years!

Bit late on this. But hopefully these screenshots will make up for it.


Once again, these are all works in progress. We’re still making sure everything reads well, and actually fits inside their respective text boxes.


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A response to another frequently asked question

We will provide instructions on how to apply the patch when we’re done. It won’t be too difficult for those that are new to patching games.

Please note that we do not approve piracy in any form. Do not download an ISO through the internet. Purchase the game legally yourself, and then create the ISO yourself for patching. Do not pirate the game!

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Menu Pictures!

We’re getting there! Everything’s still a work in progress, but things are moving along.

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Menus! Glorious glorious menus!

We’ve started inserting and testing menus and other gameplay related things into the game, and we’re getting quite a bit of progress done. The current progress page hasn’t really been updated because of the scattered approach we’re taking at individual files, but be on the alert for some pictures later today!

Also we’re on Kotaku. That’s pretty nice. Share it with others!


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