Patch and Instructions

Patch can be downloaded here. Download

Here are the general instructions on how to use the patch. Please note that right now, this patch will only support Valkyria Chronicles 3: Extra Edition because of memory limitations in the original version. The patch requires at least 4GB of open space on your computer, Java, and the windows .net service pack.

0. You will need to install custom firmware (CFW) onto your PSP. This will be basically opening up a file on the memory stick as a regular PSP firmware update and installing that. This is a simple guide that will help you install the CFW.

1. Get an ISO of the game, whether through ripping it yourself from the UMD, or converting your PSN copy.

If you have a UMD:
Use the CFW to convert the UMD into an ISO file onto your computer. Different CFWs may have different methods, but one method will be to change the USB Device from “Memory Stick” to “UMD Disc” on the CFW menu, which will allow your computer to access the ISO file. Additional instructions here:

If you have a PSN copy:
Must have umd_dump_simple.prx copied into your plugin folder ( ms0:/SEPLUGINS/) and add this line to GAME.TXT: ms0:/seplugins/umd_dump_simple.prx 1

Here is where you can get Neuron’s umd_dump_simple.prx plugin:

Once the above step is done, simply run the game and then press the note key at the game’s title screen, while a USB cord is attached to your PC and the PSP. The plugin will automatically make the ISO that you can mount as a virtual drive in a Windows OS. Then just copy that ISO file to your computer then unmount the drive pressing the note key again.

2. Unzip the patch file.

3. Drag and drop your ISO into the patch.cmd file inside the zip folder. Do NOT close any windows that pop up during the patching progress. It may look like it’s not doing anything, but it is. This will convert the ISO into a patched ISO, and will back up the previous ISO with a new .bak extension.

4. Copy the patched ISO back onto your PSP and launch it.

That should be it!

215 Responses to Patch and Instructions

  1. Jamie says:

    Hello! I have a (likely dumb) question to ask. You say that 4GB of space is needed on my computer – what about my memory stick? I just ordered a 4GB card and wondered if that would be enough

    • Jhe Query says:

      Other than Final Fantasy Type-0, which is a 2-UMD game, I have never seen any PSP game, whether patched with English translations or not, to exceed a file size of 2 Gb. I doubt this will take around 4 Gb of memory space after being patched with English translations. I think the 4 Gb of memory space must have been needed for the system to replicate the ISO file itself but the replicated file having been translated.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the patch 😀

  3. Jhe Query says:

    Is it okay to compress the patched ISO file into .cso file after doing the patching steps here to save some memory space on my PSP’s memory stick?

  4. Mke says:

    Hey there, the patch seems to be working for me, however when I try to run the game I am greeted with only a black screen. I’ve tried running both an ISO copy and CSO copy through the patching process and neither seemed to have done the trick. Just the black screen. Is there something I might be doing wrong?

    • eXaphor says:

      The patched iso need to be 1.64GB, if its less than that, then you will only get black screen when launching the game.

      Also, if you’re using L/ME CFW, then the same problem will persist. If this is the case, switch to PRO CFW.

      Enable NoDRM plugin from recovery menu if you’re using PRO CFW.

    • SG says:

      I have the same problem here.

      • SG says:

        The ripped ISO has a size of 1.435 MB and the patched one has only 667 MB … maybe there is the problem?

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  6. KaizoWolf says:

    after applying the patch a new .bak file have been created but i lost the patched one :/ i didn’t found it! ive just found a shortcut of the iso! whats going on ??

  7. Larrbear360 says:

    Hello everyone and thanks for the patch. I have a question I do the patch and when Its done I just get 1 file the one with bak is that the file I need to use for my PSP because I have added it to my PSP yet the game doesn’t show up on my memory card under game please help!

  8. Larrbear360 says:

    Hello everyone I have hot the patched ISO on my PSP but when I start it it just goes to a black screen please help

  9. RC says:

    help please, my patch keep hanging in step 1, its doing nothing after java pop out show,i already wait for few ours but still nothing, PS. i use your previous version iso because i don’t have untouch iso ?

  10. LarrBear360 says:

    Hello and thank you for the patch! i need help i have the patched iso file on my psp 2000 but when i start it up, it goes into a black screen and i can press the home button to exit the game but the game will just stay at the black screen. if someone can please help me i will be most thankful thank you!! i have a psp 2000 with and my custom firmware is 660 PRO-C. Thank you!

  11. Help please? says:

    hi everyone,

    it looks like i’ve run into a dead end!

    i was able to patch the iso correctly as i got an iso file size of approximately 1.7gb

    i updated my psp’s system software to the 6.60 PRO-C2

    after all this, i still encounter the black screen when i launch the game. like others, i am still able to exit by pressing the home button.

    the psp i’m using is the phat one (1000)

    can anyone please help me? it would be fully appreciated!

    • Help please? says:

      in addition to this, i’ve tried changing my cfw to 5.50 prome-2… and i still get the same results – the black screen when i launch the game.

      would anyone know what i am doing wrong?

  12. Negs says:

    I have this black screen too, patched iso was only 651 MB…

  13. awesomejp says:

    I got the patching done right im sure about that….
    the game loads perfectly, opening, title menu even started the game
    but after loading the first mission after it shows player phase in the tutorial stage it just “freezes”
    the bgm is playing but besides the power switch and the home button to quit the game with nothing else is happening…
    if you turn the psp on and off the bgm just dies
    running psp 3000 slim with 6.60 PRO C-2 like the one the commenters said to use but no dice
    Any help :3

  14. Thunerz says:

    Hmmm not working for me… My OS is XP SP3 with java and .Windows.Net Framework.

    At stage 1 of 5, the console says:

    The system cannot find the path specified.
    “Stage 1 of 5”
    File Not Found.
    ‘start-windows-x86.bat’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    Umm… is it possible that this isn’t working for 32 bit windows?

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